Tuesday 30 June 2020

I love to fly with my limited wing / Poem by Arjun Prabhat


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I love freedom,but not without restriction,
For unrestricted freedom leads to anarchy.
That's the root of every custom and tradition,
Whether it be democracy or monarchy.

I love my rights,but not without duty,
For unrestricted rights bring struggle and strife.
Right tempered with duty is real beauty.
It sweetens and makes pleasant our life.

I love friends who hold judicious view,
And make sound criticism on our action.
Who come forward to judge our action and review.
Flattery never resides in their suggestion.

I love to fly with my limited wing.
And compose my humble songs to sing.
Poet - Arjun Prabhat
Email ID of the poet - arjunprabhat1960@gmail.com
Email ID of this blog for response - editorbejodindia@g,ao;.com

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